Activities & Events
All Rob Roy Country Club Village activities and special events are open to residents only unless otherwise noted. There is a community calendar in The Village Voice, the community newsletter, where residents can check the complete schedule of events and view more information.
The Bocce League is open to all residents of Rob Roy. This ancient game, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling, requires skill, strategy and just a little luck.
Book Discussion Group
The Rob Roy Book Discussion Group meets once a month in the clubhouse. All residents are welcome to attend, even if you haven't read the scheduled book!
"B" is for Bridge at Rob Roy. Daytime weekly bridge groups include casual bridge to hone your skills, contract bridge, duplicate bridge and a once a month evening group. There is also a luncheon twice a year for all Rob Roy bridge players.
Chair Exercise
Chair exercise workouts are held three mornings a week in the clubhouse throughout the fall, winter and spring.
One afternoon a week a group of residents gathers in the clubhouse to play 3-13. Other games are available including Trivia Sense Cards, UNO, Scrabble, Rummikub, Poker Keno and Chess. You may also bring your own game.
Golf League - Ladies'
The Rob Roy Ladies Golf League plays at the River Trails Park District Rob Roy Golf Course one morning a week throughout the spring, summer and fall.
Golf League - Men's
The Men's Golf League plays at the River Trails Park District Rob Roy Golf Course one morning a week starting in May for 16 weeks. No matter what your skill level... scratch golfers or hackers... all Rob Roy residents are welcome.
Golf - RRCCV Sunday Mixed Golf Outings
The RRCCV Golf Outing is an occasional Special Event offering an opportunity to play a friendly round of golf with other Rob Roy residents.
Coffee & Conversation
Coffee & Conversation is held one morning a week in the clubhouse. Meet your Rob Roy neighbors and enjoy coffee and treats served by volunteer hosts of the day. This is an ideal way for residents to learn about Rob Roy and the activities that are being offered.
Watch the Newsletter for information onthe Pool season. Pool passes are required - no pass, no pool.
Quilters and Needlecraft
Our regular meeting is held one afternoon a month in the Clubhouse. An all-day workshop is held twice yearly. Bring your knitting needles, handwork or your sewing machine - all Rob Roy needlecrafters are welcome.
Tennis and Pickleball
Tennis Courts are available at the Clubhouse pool location. Pickleball courts are available at the Cabana pool location.
Texas Hold'em
Bring your best "Poker Face"! Meet your Rob Roy neighbors and have some fun two evenings a month in the clubhouse. If you don't know how to play we'll teach you.
Water Exercise
Are you ready to exercise in the Clubhouse pool during the summer? Come join us, we talk a little, work hard and have fun. Men and women are welcome.